Microliner Sprayer

400 gallon stainless tank trailer mounted and PTO driven

Standard Features

  • Unibody stainless tank/frame constructed with smooth underside to allow for minimal
    vegetation impact includes inset tires for narrowest profile available
  • 400 gallon (1514 liter) tank is unpainted 304 12-gauge stainless steel with mechanical
    agitation, stainless hinged lid and stainless steel wash basket filler strainer
  • 32” (820 mm) diameter twelve blade variable pitch axial flow fan with inside air handling at discharge is made of rugged high strength reinforced    polyamide fiberglass
  • Bertollini PAS144-4 piston diaphragm pump at 37 gpm @ 540 rpm to 725 psi
  • 20 Spray Systems double rollover nozzles with ceramic discs, individual on/off valves and check valves
  • Constant velocity PTO shaft
  • Remote manual left and right spray control valve plus remote bypass valve (electric or hydraulic options available)
  • Filter points at suction, pressure line and at each nozzle
  • Integrated dust shield and bumper under blower assembly
  • Two speed gearbox with neutral variable for 50-65 hp tractors
  • Axle is 2-way adjustable height wise at wheel spindles with swivel type drawbar
  • 11L x 15 tires with 15 x 8LBH wheels
  • Stainless steel blower housing
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • Heavy duty jack stand
  • Tank level sight gauge is mounted to front of tank
  • Pressure gauge 0-1000 psi (0-69 bar) is mounted to front of tank

Standard Units

Part NumberDescriptionEstimated WeightLWH
A1-0066Microliner1600 lbs135"48"48"

Equipment Option

Part NumberDescription
Air Deflectors
4-4839Top "V" stainless steel deflectors
8-0646Lower stainless steel deflectors
Vineyard Heads (mounted)
11-9056Stainless steel vineyard head with straightening vanes
Note: 7 foot with wheels in standard position
9-5339Microliner vineyard head deflector conversion
Tower (mounted)
8-085510' Microliner stainless steel tower w/double rollover ceramic nozzles
Miscellaneous Options
5-9076Stainless steel hood over pump compartment
5-9166Dust shield under blower assembly
8-0645Electric valves
5-9768Mud scraper
12-0029Hydraulic valve control kit